Chapter 6. Use PostGuestbook in other modules

This chapter describes how PostGuestbook can be integrated in other modules.

User Guestbooks

What's that

PostGuestbook can be used to add a Guestbook on a 'per user' basis. This functionality however isn't provided by PostGuestbook on it's own - it only provides the necessary functions that can be integrated in user modules.

Note:: This is work in progress - if you want to use PostGuestbook in a module drop me a mail.

How to integrate in other modules

if (pnModAvailable('postguestbook'))
 if (pnModLoad('postguestbook', 'user'))
    $html = pnModFunc('postguestbook',
                                 array('owner_uid' => $userinfo['pn_uid'],
                                          'style' => 'schup2'));
     echo "$html";