Chapter 7. Additional Info

Table of Contents
Bugs, Problems and Solutions
History of Versions

Bugs, Problems and Solutions

PN Statistics are not counted anymore

PN Statistics are not counted for users that have a least EDIT rights. So if the user is allowed to EDIT, ADD, DELETE or ADMIN for any module, the visits are not counted.

Before postguestbook 0.3 the ADD Permission was needed to post a new guestbook entry. So by adding this permission to all users the visits are not counted anymore.

Starting with postguestbook 0.3 the needed Permission to sign the guestbook was changed to COMMENT and this bug should be fixed.

The bug resulted from an uncomplete understandig of the Rogue Permission System. Sorry for that.

unable to read template resource

There are some reports about smarty not beeing able to read the templates. Still searching for the solution.

Smarty (2.2.0) needs a php version >= 4.0.6. If you encounter this problem please check your php version.

Safe Mode

There a some problems regarding to Safe Mode. Starting with version 0.4 of PostGuestbook the compiled templates are not stored in subdirectories (of tempaltes_c) anymore. Because there are various different Safe Mode setups this doesn't fix all these problems. So styles can now be written in pure php - smarty is not needed for these styles.

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