Directory layout

The style directory contains the html snippets which have to be altered to get a different look. The following section lists the templates that have to be present for the guestbook to function. But you can include other templates within the html templates.

Example 4-1. Including other files in html templates

{include file="default/error.tpl"}
// PostGuestbook >= 0.4/home/schup/public_html/pn71/modules/postguestbook/docs/src/pgb_manual.sgml
{include file="$style/error.tpl"}

See the style schup for a example. error.tpl and status.tpl are implemented in separate templates and included where needed.

changes in Version 0.2: The name of the style directory has to be used in the include statement, because compiled smarty templates are now stored in a global directory.

changes in Version 0.2: HTML templates are now stored in the root of the style directory instead of the templates subdir.

changes in Version 0.4: instead of hardcoding the style name in the include statement you can now use the variable $style.