Template files

The Templates can have one of two extensions. .tpl if the style is a smarty style or .php if the style is a php style.


Template used to present a list of the guestbook entries. It's the responsible for the view a visitor of the guestbook will see.

This template is also used when previewing a new post (before actually sending it).


Template which enables the user to post a new message in the guestbook.


Template for admin to edit an already existing post. Very similar to the entry_submit.(tpl|php)


Header for the listing view, the default View for the guestbook for visitors.


Header for the Preview of a new posting.


Contains the Page Navigation that is presented before and after the entries.(tpl|php).

If you don't want to this behavior let the page_nav.(tpl|php) empty and implement the logic in the entries.(tpl|php)